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Coastal Pacific, LLC
Certified Farmers' Markets

209 South Santa Cruz Street
Ventura, CA 93001

Tel: (805) 643-6458
Fax: (805) 643-6458

At Coastal Pacific Farmers’ Markets, you find a variety of the freshest produce including fruits, vegetables and crops which are organically grown. Each type of produce is sold to promote a healthy diet for each and local citizen, young or old alike. All goods sold brings you the best of California’s produce, from fresh picked to the finest ripened fruits to green leafy vegetables and to a variety of crops.

Farmer’s market is an avenue for farmers and us, the community to gather at each harvest season and share the environments soil productivity, and at the same time, preserving the diversity of California’s agricultural practice. Each seasonal harvest allows the community to discover and appreciate a taste of each seasonal produce.

Aside from being an avenue for buying seasonal produce, Farmer’s market introduces a ritual of entertainment while you shop. As you go around or stay for a while, you will be entertained with live music and would love to stay for some more time.

We invite you then to come and join us. Enjoy the offer of each seasonal produce and expect what Farmer’s Market has prepared for you and your whole family.